FlareTechMusic is a do-it-yourself (DIY) music distribution platform that puts the right tools directly into the hands of the artistes and labels


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Release and distribute your music on over 150 major streaming stores across the world like Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, TikTok, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Global Radio, Tencent QQ, Soundcloud Go and so on.

We make distribution of music very easy, enabling you to maximize revenue, visibility and tractions.

Release your music with FlareTechMusic today; Get discovered, grow your fan base and keep 100% of your copyrights and earnings with no hidden charges.



Subscription Plan

Single /Year – $10.59 / N5,000

Album /Year – $20.88 / N10,000

Pen Your News –  $1.99/N1,000

Be Heard Around the World

Simply choose one of our distribution plans to release and promote your music directly to audiences around world and let FlareTechMusic see to the rest; from music file distribution to generation of data and statistics for marketing and promotion, to monitoring and tracking of track performance and payments.

Keep all your Rights!

FlareTechMusic does not share from your copyright ownership. You keep 100% of your copyright ownership.


Keep 100% of your earnings!

FlareTechMusic monitor and track of all your music streams and sales and remits 100% of all your earnings to you. Where there are split sheets, payments to each contributors on a track, are done automatically and seamlessly saving the artiste time and helping them to avoid disputes.

One of the most challenging issues confronting the global music industry today, is incomplete or conflicting metadata. The consequence of this challenge is that a lot music copyright royalties end up in the wrong places. The lack of clean and quality data has continued to pose serious challenge to a sustainable music industry especially in Nigeria. With the drastic shift in the way music is accessed and consumed nowadays, millions of data is being generated in minutes and quintillion of such data is

Over the course of last week, I was priviledged to speak with two talented artistes who had requested my help in new projects they are currently working on. I was very glad to jump on the train with them because I have always believed in their talents and greatly admired their creativity. In the course of our discussion and studying the works they have done so far and as part of my helping them sort out their paper works, I asked whether


Distributing your songs isn’t just enough; you need marketing to maximize revenue from sales.

Secure placements today on massive playlists and watch your stream counts go up over time. With over 4,500 playlists and an overall listener reach of 15 million, FlareTechMusic sends your tracks to infinity and beyond.

We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to make sure you’re on playlists that guarantee organic results.


Our organic Spotify playlist network reaches over 15 million listeners. Get your music heard by listeners outside of your network, and convert them into long-lasting fans.

We promise you’ll be over the moon with the results.

What are you waiting for? Hit the live chat on your home screen to speak with our representative.


FlareTechMusic got you covered for the distribution and monetization of your music videos, concert videos, comedy videos, documentaries, short movies, lifestyle, monetized live transmission and series to a local and international audience in and outside Africa.

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